Advanced Bellydance Classes Brisbane!

Advanced level:

Students in the advanced level have already developed the highest level of understanding of basic and intermediate level movements, their variations and the appropriate rhythms to perform them to. The advanced classes focus on teaching students compound isolations techniques, shimmy variation drills, complex foot patterns, variations of turns, whole-body fluidity, and challenging prop work. Students in this level are able to learn near content with a great level of agility and precision.  The aim of this level is to constantly challenge, encourage and nurture students to become the best possible dancers they can be. Students in this level strive to have a thorough understanding of all the aspect of Middle Eastern dance such as: costuming, music, history and culture of the people. Students are encouraged to perform with sincere emotions, expression and feeling. Students in this level are constantly thriving to improve and progress with their dance journey.

4-5+ years (depending on the individual student)

Professional Performance Troupe:

Students in the intermediate and advance level are invited to join our professional performance troupe. This is the official troupe of the school, where students are able to develop and advance all aspects of becoming professional performers. This troupe class focuses on more than just technique, drills and choreographies. Students in this class develop skills in the area of make-up, presence on stage, improvisation, methods to fix props and costume malfunctions, performance skills, strength and agility. 

Students must be at least intermediate or advance level to enter this troupe.