Beginners Bellydance Classes Brisbane!

Introductory level 1 & 2:

Begin your journal into the world of Middle Eastern dance, learn the basic foundational movements of bellydance over a 5-week course. This course is not only designed to teach you how to bellydance but also give you a brief introduction to the history, culture, music and tradition of Middle Eastern people. This course is most suitable for those who have no experience with bellydancing or are wanting to refresh their memory. Following this course, students continue growing and developing their knowledge and technique 

0-6 months

Beginner Level:

Students in this level have already learnt the basics and are now beginning to refine and improve the basic movements they have learnt in the introductory level. Students begin to build strength, stamina and muscle memory of movements and sequences, as well further improve their ability to learn choreographies. The basic use of props is incorporated into learning to help improve and build co-ordination skills. Students in this level are beginning to learn common middle eastern rhythms, instruments and music from 1-2 other styles of Middle Eastern dance.

1- 1.5 years

Beyond Beginners:

Students in this level have already mastered the basic foundational movements of bellydance and are now beginning to explore basic layering and variations of these moves. They will begin to start expanding their oriental bellydance movement vocabulary. Along with this, they will be focusing on furthering their knowledge and understanding of genres of music, rhythms and dances styles around the Middle East. Students in this style should be able to recognise a handful of  rhythms, dance styles, iconic songs and artists. Students will begin learning how to execute more complex movements that involve the use of multiple muscles, turns and layered shimmies. This level also encourages students to improve on their performance skills through use of facial expression, audience connection and emotional response to music. 

1.5-2 years