Bookings FAQ

Here is a list of Frequently asked questions about bellydance shows with Emily. If you still have any further questions feel free to contact us.

Can I request music for you to perform to? Yes of course, given that is appropriate. Please let Emily know at least a couple of weeks before the event so that she is able to finalise her show.

 Is this family friendly? Definitely! Emily structures her show, costuming, music and props to be as family friendly as possible. Bellydance shows are a great, all-inclusive and enjoyable experience for all guest at any events. 

 I would like to book you for my mum’s birthday party, however some of my family members are a little more conservative? No problem, Emily can modify costuming and music for the event. Emily has plenty of beautiful costumes that are perfect for more conservative’s audiences.  

 Do you offer discounts? The rates of shows are an industry standard therefore discounts cannot be applied. However, Emily offers a “mini show” which is perfect for host on a budget.

 What is the best time to hire you? That depends on the type of event. For example, if you book Emily for a birthday party at night, a good time for a show would be after everyone has had dinner and before the cake is cut. If you have a particular schedule in mind for the night, Emily is happy to discuss the best option with you.

 Can I make it surprise for the guest of honour? Bellydancers always make a great surprise for the guest of honour. Just make sure you arrange a person and location to meet on the night, as well as exchange contact details so that everything can run smoothly. 

 Can people get up and dance with you: Most certainly, Emily shows are structed to incorporate audience participations. Nothing beats getting up and having a blast with a bellydancer! 

 Do you perform for free at charity events? If you are interested in hiring a dancer to perform at a charitable event, please contact us as we may be able to provide reduced rates if you are a registered charity with our community performance troupe instead.

 What If I need more than one dancer? Extra dancers and even musicians can be arranged for your event, given that you provide at least 1 month noticed for the dancer and musicians to fit you into the work schedule.