Intermediate Bellydance Classes Brisbane!

Intermediate Level: 

Students in the level are excited and dilligant learners in the art of Middle Eastern dancing. They are working toward becoming advanced and professional level dancers. Classes will begin focusing on strengthening drills and exercise to prepare students bodies for more complex movements, technique and turns. Students are working on improving their turning technique as well as building up stamina to perform well executed, multiple turns. Sequence combinations are becoming more complex, quicker and challenging so that students are building their coordination, speed and stamina. Students in this level should be able to identify the different regions, costuming, social context and signature steps of various Middle Eastern Styles of dance and music. Students will begin building their skills in other important areas of being a performer such as make-up, hair, costuming, performance skills, props and improvising. 
Students in this level are invited to join the Professional Dance Troupe to further push their growth as dancers

2-4 years (depending on individual student)