Music Playlist

Here is compilation of playlist and songs you can start getting to know. Building technique is one thing but don't forget the importance of learning about Middle Eastern music! Below are playlist you can listen to and also some notable artist in the Middle East as well. I am in the process of finishing off folkloric styles of music playlist as well.

10 songs EVERY bellydancer should know! Beginner or advance you should definitely know these all-time favourite songs! Of course there are a tonne's more but this is a nice little playlist of songs, its good to start here.

Arab singers: The Top 10 of all time: This is brief introduction to just some of most famous and influential singers in the Middle East of all time. This features some of the classic and also some modern singers of today. I have some playlist of my personal favourites below but I believe its still important to be aware of these singers as well. They are equally as talent in their own respect but I just really love the singers below.

The heart of Egypt and the Middle East, Um Kalthoum: They so no one has ever captured the hearts of so many people the way Um Kalthoum did. You realise this is true after you listen to her captivating voice and hauntingly beautiful lyrics. Um Kalthoum is one of most notable icons in all of the Arab world and every bellydancer SHOULD know who she is, her music and how to dance to it! Even to this day her music is a massive hit with all generations of people in Egypt *DISCLAIMER* once you listen to one you just can't stop! 

And of course who can forget the king of every womens heart, Abdel Halim Hafez: the only way to describe Abdel is the Elvis Presley of the Middle East...What else can I say? He is one the most equally famous and iconic singers of the Middle East, next to Um Kalthoum of course. His music is also still well loved up until this day by all generations of people in Egypt 

Actually, the first Elvis Presley of Egypt, Farid Al-Atrash: I should say, before there was Adbel Halim Hafez, there was Farid Al-Atrash, the hunk that stole all the girls hearts first. He is one of most notable singers, composer and instrumentalist during the Golden Era of Egypt (1950's). He was featured in many of Egypts most famous block busters, singing along side some of the most iconic dancers, musicians and singers of this era! With a career spanning of 4 decades, he has over 500 songs and stared in 31 movies!

Top 30 Best Egyptian songs of 2018: I love all Middle Eastern music but my hearts always gravitates towards Egyptian music. Here are some modern top hits that a probably still played in every street, taxi, house, shop and square inch of Egypt. You'll notice some of this music has themes of western style pop- hip-ho music. 

Mahraganat Electro Shaabi Egypt: perhaps one of most controversial genres of music in Egypt... But like all trends in any country, this style of music is heavily influenced by the new generation of Egyptian kids. It incorporates a lot of electronic produced sounds accompanied by rap lyrics. This style of music has vastly become famous among the locals of Egypt due to its contagious sounds, crazy dancing moves and relatable lyrics.