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Soul Dance Code of Conduct

I AGREE TO.... Conduct myself in such a way as to uphold the harmony and smooth running of Soul Dance. Failure to do so will result in the matter being brought before the teachers and may result in prevention from further participation in Soul Dance. In particular:

*I will keep confidential all matters pertaining to the internal running of the school.

*At all times I will demonstrate by my actions and conduct respect for source cultures of our dance especially Middle Eastern and Romani cultures which are our main source cultures.

*I will treat fellow students, students from other groups, event organisers AND members of the public with patience and courtesy at all times. This includes refraining from interference of any kind with other groups’ reputations or performances and making grumpy, critical or rude comments within earshot of others.

*I agree to encourage my peers by accepting others' talents, uniqueness and abilities as a natural part of individuality, and I respect that we have vastly different reasons for participating. I acknowledge that everyone has individual goals and aspirations.

*I agree to respect my own & others' class time by not doing anything that will distract myself or others eg. chatting (to others or on the phone) while the teacher is talking, correcting other students, asking other students for help.

*I agree to talk to my teacher and my teacher ONLY if I become angry, exasperated, upset or concerned by another classmate. By sharing my feelings with other students I understand I am undermining the harmonious and positive atmosphere my teachers work hard to create. By seeking the support of other students in the above manner I am putting the other student in an tenuous position and I am breaking the Soul Dance Code Of Conduct.

*I agree to remind a classmate who is sharing concerns with me about another student to take their concerns to the teacher. I understand that my involvement in other people's issues will lead to my own breaking of the Soul Dance Code Of Conduct.

*I will not lay my hands on another student under any circumstances including assisting someone with their technique or positioning UNLESS you have asked permission. I understand that aggressive physical touching (pushing, hitting, barging) will not be tolerated at Soul Dance (except in self defence).

*I will not yell, use a sarcastic, angry or impatient tone, ignore, or exclude others in class or at school events. I will not engage in negative non-verbal communications such as eye-rolling, audible sighing, giving 'meaningful' looks or head shaking. I understand the above behaviours constitute bullying and will not be tolerated at Soul Dance.

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